Evidence, practice and support for birth professionals 

Maternity services and choices for labour and birth are fast evolving. Hypnobirth involves preparation for childbirth using tried and tested hypnotherapy techniques in harmony with midwifery best practices and increasing numbers of women are turning to the technique.

Written by two experienced practitioners, this is the first evidence-based practice book for medical professionals on this subject. Chapters include coverage of:

What hypnosis is and the history of hypnobirth
The power of the mind and the effect of language
Relaxation and breathing techniques
The neocortex and hormones
Birth partners, relationships, women’s advocates and primary supporters
Throughout the book the authors provide health professionals working in clinical midwifery practice with information and evidence-based findings to support the use of hypnobirth. The book includes case studies, scripts and reflective questions to encourage a deeper understanding of the techniques and issues and to engage and inspire the reader.

Hypnobirth is essential reading for midwives, obstetricians, student midwives, doulas and any practitioner involved in preparing and supporting pregnant women for labour.

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Hypnobirth Parents’ workbook

HypnobirthMidwivesUK offer parents an opportunity to learn tried and tested hypnobirth techniques from experienced birth professionals. We believe the combination of expert midwifery advice, and a comprehensive antenatal course coupled with hypnosis, results in the best hypnobirth course in the UK. Hypnobirth will transform the way you think about birth, it will give you a greater understanding of how the body works in labour and turns birth partners into fantastic, skilled birth supporters. Our couples feel confident, calm and fully prepared for birth.

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Hypnosis scripts are available for hospitals’  and parents to purchase on CD or Digital format.

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“Pregnancy is a life changing event and the more we discover about the way women birth their babies, the more we realise childbirth can have a profound impact on the way our babies grow and develop.”
– Hypnobirth Midwives UK