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Complex Birth Support Pack


· Stressed and anxious about giving birth?

· Are you having to change your birth plan?

· Has your pregnancy been labelled ‘high risk’ and you need some positivity?

· Do you feel like you have few choices around your birth?

If you are pregnant and looking for guidance around planning your birth you have come to the right place.

You may have had to compromise on location, support or type of birth. You might still be struggling to understand why, and unsure of the way forward. Maybe nothing has changed but your anxiety levels are soaring?

If your expectations around birth have had to change you will need some time to work through the changes. You may want to challenge some of the decisions, or just understand how to create a more positive experience.

Our support pack will guide you through

√ How to use hospital guidelines to support your choices

What elements you can control

5 new hypnosis techniques that will give you confidence and strength

How to readjust your mind-set

Understand the physiology of birth and how to maximise it for high risk birth

√ Top tips for birth partners

This unique online course gives a real insight into Maternity Services and will help you understand the sometimes confusing world of obstetrics. Packed with information, research based evidence and outstanding hypnosis techniques, this course will give you all the tools you need for a positive experience. Wherever or however you birth.

Payment is non refundable. All course material is copyright. Purchase is for one household only. The course does not constitute medical advice. Full T&C’s.


Please choose how much you would like to pay. £19.99 is our standard fee for this package, if you can’t afford that, please choose the lower option. If you can afford a little more, your kind donation will allow us to develop new products to support women in their birth journey.

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