What is included in the only NHS specific course ?

Marketing, setting up and running courses within an NHS Hospital

  • Access to marketing materials such as leaflets, book, CDs and mp3s.
  • Advice on advertising, booking classes, admin, setting up social media and costing is provided.

Expert training from the leading providers of hypnobirth in the NHS
Continued support for midwives who teach classes is provided.

This includes a dedicated Face book forum to ask and receive answers about classes
CPD and the opportunity to attend study days
Access to current research and education on hypnobirth and parent education in the NHS

The use of hypnobirthing to promote normality

• The evidence supports hypnobirthing as a tool for increasing normal birth
• Women experience shorter first and second stage labour
• The need for pharmacological analgesia is reduced
• Women present later at hospital (>6cm)
• The hospital stay is reduced
• Oxytocic drug use is reduced
• Caesarean section rate is decreased

Hypnobirth for women with complex needs

Hypnobirth works for all births. As many organisations look for ways to reduce the caesarean section rate and promote normality, hypnobirth encourages midwives and doctors to implement techniques in the high risk environment.
This section of the program includes supporting best practice in all birth environments, promoting oxytocin, supporting women with induction of labour and caesarean birth.


Getting support from a multidisciplinary team

A short power point presentation is included in our package to enable efficient updating in a busy clinical area. Hypnobirth will impact on all areas of birth and we encourage you to share and disseminate information with a multidisciplinary team.


What you get:

* Expert training from the leading providers of hypnobirth in the NHS

* Expert training in hypnosis techniques

* Continued support for hypnobirth midwife teachers

* Access to an online teachers forum

* Access to wholesale purchase of parent books and CDs

* Step by step breakdown of teaching plans

* Annual CPD study days

* Multidisciplinary power point for dissemination

* RCM accredited hypnobirth qualification



The In House Hospital package is four full days of hypnobirth training. The venue is supplied by you.

£3,500.00 (plus travel and expenses) trains 10 midwives. Additional midwives can be trained at a cost of £125.00 each midwife to a maximum of 20 midwives.

Online training for single midwives £395

Student midwife places available click here to enquire.

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