Hypnobirth Teacher Training

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Class One


Your thoughts on hypnosis (in chat box)

Hypnosis explanation
Stage hypnosis – myth busting
Who uses hypnosis?
sports trainers
Brainwave patterns (Slide)
Conscious and sub-conscious mind (slide)

Law of the mind
Robot theory – Dr Al Krazner
The law of the Psycho-Physical response states that for every suggestion, thought or emotion entertained, there is a physiological and chemical response within the body.
Can anyone think of an example? (in chat box)
Food – salivate
Anxiety – sweaty palms/increased heart rate/blushing
Sexual arousal

Illustrate power of the mind with
Lemon cutting script

The power of language
Language sheet (slide)
Why words are important
The power of small negative words

Light arm/Heavy arm script

Breath control

The sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system
Breathing for birth
How the uterus works (Slide)