Our Story

Hypnobirth is growing in popularity across the UK as many women and couples seek the tools they need for birth. There are many individual private hypnobirth practitioners offering training, but increasingly Hospital Trusts are delivering the program in house.

An in-house NHS hypnobirth course offers women the opportunity to learn hypnobirth techniques for birth but also the reassurance of being taught by health professionals.

Bringing hypnobirth within the NHS domain allows the hospital to monitor the standard of information, offers choice for women and impacts on the normal birth rate.
Traditionally there has been a divide between private antenatal classes such as the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and the NHS ‘parentcraft’ classes. NHS branding is recognised and respected, and couples seeking antenatal education would prefer to attend innovative hospital classes.

HypnobirthmidwivesUK uses midwifery expertise and knowledge partnered with hypnosis/NLP to offer a comprehensive and complete antenatal program.



Teri has 20 years experience teaching antenatal classes for both the NCT and the NHS. She has been specialist midwife and was lead for Parent Education. She has been lead midwife for the alongside birthing unit, and clinical lead for the Maternity Transformation Programme. She regularly guest lectures on parent education and hypnobirth at Anglia Ruskin University. Teri has been invited to speak on hypnobirth at conferences across the UK, and was guest speaker at the Portuguese Association of Nurses Midwives (APEO) in Portugal.
Colchester Hospital was the second NHS Trust in the UK to implement hypnobirth classes in- house, project led by Teri. Colchester hospital is currently the biggest provider of free hypnobirth in the UK, offering an average of 10 courses a month. Teri introduced hypnobirth into the hospital in 2012 and she manages the marketing, media and parent education department. Hypnobirth has gone from strength to strength with hospital trusts across the country realizing the benefits. Introducing a new service such as hypnobirth into the NHS environment comes with many challenges. Teri has expert experience at integrating and managing this service within the NHS system. 



Sandra has 15 years experience as a hypnotherapist. Very early in her career she began working with women with secondary infertility.
It soon became clear that a traumatic birth experience could contribute to an inability to conceive again. Sandra had great success using tried and tested hypnotherapy techniques with couples and once they became pregnant again they wanted support through their pregnancy.
Sandra developed her own programme and when Hypnobirthing came to the UK she trained using the Mongan method and later the KG method and incorporated the best bits into her programme.
Sandra specialises in working with women who have experienced previous birth trauma and her local midwives regularly refer very anxious and tokophobic women to her.