What Midwives say


In 2011 we embarked on a mission to introduce hypnobirth into a National Health Service (NHS) Trust. We were only the second hospital to do this in the UK We had been encountering women using hypnobirth techniques in labour and, although the benefits were obvious, its fair to say that there was some suspicion and anxiety surrounding hypnobirth. As we introduced the course programme, we modified it to include labour physiology, active birth rebozo and message, along with recognised hypnosis techniques.

The year 2015 saw our trust with 26 trained hypnobirthing midwives, the most in the country to date. We began to realise the impact that hypnobirth had on the women’s experience, their birth outcomes and their antenatal journey.NHS trusts across the UK are realising benefit, and we frequently train other NHS Trusts with an in-house programme. Their results are just as impressive. We believe hypnobirth is the future for antenatal education.Once you have witnessed it, we think you will too.

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    "I feel blessed to have attended such an amazing course.It has installed my confidence in women's ability to birth without drugs and association of pain". 

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    "A wonderful and powerful course that is going to help me improve my practice and how I am going to teach antenatal classes from now on. Thank you Teri and Sandra for such a lovely course".

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    "This course is life changing!
    The best course and a must for all midwives". 

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    "Great learning resources, and excellent teaching practice!"